Why am I here?

So, I’m blogging again, apparently. I’ve had a blog before, it actually still exists in Blogger with the name Wonderworld. But I’m not big fan of using computer, no time for that in this hectic mom life. Also, no time for fancy, professional-like photoshopped pics, Instagram’s just fine. But sometimes I feel like saying something more than a couple of hashtags can do, so I’m hoping this is the platform to get my wor(l)d out.

I might write in English or maybe in Finnish, haven’t really decided yet. I also haven’t decided what to write about. Probably something about my life, topics that touch me. Pictures that I took today (with my very humble phone). Restaurant suggestions, recipes, food in general. Perhaps some travelling too. And family, that’s important of course. Mainly just normal life in this life of mine that someone might think of out of ordinary.

Oh, yes, I’m Noora, born in the 80s, I come from Finland, my husband is German, we live in Tallinn, Estonia and our son might have an identity crisis some day. If you want to know more of the history, check the old blog, because I’m all about future babe. (Actually I hold on to old things quite a bit, that just sounded good..)
Hope to see you here again!
PS. First impression of this app is great!

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