The life-long student

I’m lazy today so it’ll be only in English…

Recently I’ve gotten, for perhaps obvious reasons, quite into cultures’ effect on relationships between people. In 2015, when I was expecting Leevi, I did some studies of Intercultural Communication which I found very interesting and would like to study further. Last autumn I found a course of development studies in the Helsinki open university, and even though I had never heard of such study field before I was immediately hooked. 😅 unfortunately it was just a short introduction course, and studying more of it seems a bit challenging in the open university. Luckily I found still another short course, and I’m planning to do it still this winter.

I really enjoy these distant studies even they require some discipline. It fits so well to me to have freedom of the schedules and mostly it also fits me to study alone. And I can choose only the courses that interest me. But I can’t help thinking if some future employers might appreciate more a Master’s degree than some random separate courses. (OK, they aren’t completely random but anyway.)

I already planned to apply for the International Relations or Anthropology programmes of Tallinn university but now I’m not sure anymore… There’s so much in these programmes that interest me but also a lot that doesn’t. And a lot that I have no clue of. How can I be sure that this is really the stuff that I want to do? I don’t want to waste time and especially money, if it’s not my thing after all. Some might know that I have already two different educations that have nothing to do with each other, hairdressing and culinary management, so this would be third one (at least I’m heading upwards…). Would kinda be easier if I always wanted to be a lawyer or a teacher or bus driver, wouldn’t it. But so boring too, so in a way I’m very happy to be this indecisive weirdo who just loves to study. And luckily life has brought me quite excellent chances to do so.
What do you think, are degrees still highly valued by employers, is it worth it? 😄

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