Good vibes

Recently Mondays have become days to (almost) look forward to instead of being afraid of them. And today, against all odds, I’ve been on especially good mood. Even though it’s raining some cold, wet, yucky crap for the fifth hour already, my mind is peaceful and I’m able to see the beauty of even this shitty weather. (Ask if I’m still peaceful when the toddler wakes up from his nap and I have to keep him busy indoors all afternoon 😛)
So what is it with particularly this Monday that made me so cheerful?

  • Quite well-slept night
  • Super-healthy, super-yummy breakfast smoothie 
  • Home alone time; coffee and porridge (with coconut milk & berries, yum!) undisturbed while watching news, then some studying
  • Fresh air, oxygen, aaaaah!
  • Proper outdoor gear aka new, comfortable, pretty and so far waterproof rubber boots, and an umbrella
  • BodyBalance class at the gym

      What could you do to make your Mondays more special, if taking time for yourself isn’t an option? Maybe you could have your favourite breakfast prepared already on Sunday evening (I’m thinking smoothie and banana pancakes), or grab a delicious coffee and croissant from the bakery on the way to work; wear your favourite clothes (that keep you warm and dry); listen your favourite music while driving/walking to work; get up a bit earlier and take a looong, hot shower etc… Monday doesn’t need to be terrible, does it? 😉

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