Mama on the loose

Yesterday I had my long waited free night, when my husband promised to take care of Leevi and I took off to Helsinki to meet my friends from the university (which we started almost a decade ago, crazy!). Quite funny feeling to travel all by myself.

What a fun night it was, to meet everyone after such a long time and just talk about good old times and hopefully update each other about some new stuff too. Amazingly we are all very well preserved (healthy lifestyle, someone said 😉), looking as good as ever! Way too much alcohol was consumed though, as always. But I did manage to get back to my hotel around 2am and get some sleep before hotel breakfast. Loooong, lazy brekkie with Helsingin Sanomat, what a treat!

Despite of the tiny weeny hangovery feeling, I checked out after 11 and had time to take care of some business: to pick up a new baby wrap and a book of international relations to inform myself whether this is the field I’d be interested to study. 

Now I’m parked to Burger King at the ferry for some serious hangover curing stuff 🙈
And missing my boys terribly, very glad to see them soon! ❤💙💚💛💜

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