Love letter to my superman (I hope you don’t mind I made it public)

This week is Maternal Mental Health week, and it got me thinking my own journey so far as mother, and the ways we mothers need, and are allowed to need support. As some of you have read from the blog previously I’ve had my fight against anxiety and depression quite recently, so this theme means a lot to me. I’ve since found it more and more important to make sure people, especially mothers themselves, acknowledge that we do have these issues, these bad feelings, and that we should first take care of ourselves to take care of others. 

Even it all starts within yourself to realise the situation, to accept that you might be depressed or anxious, you need help to beat it. You are allowed to get help, you don’t need to do it alone. And even if you’re not that deep in the hole (yet), you are entitled to get whatever help you need to keep your head together. No matter if you don’t think your life’s hard enough, if you feel like you’re gonna crash, you need to get help. Stop making excuses. There’s always someone who has more difficulties, but you suffering from yours silently won’t help them, or you. So speak up, tell what you need, let others take care of you for a change, and I promise you’ll be alright.

This post is dedicated to my superman, my strongest support, the person who helped me get through it and still does, the person who loves me with all my faults and believes in me. As a sign, I heard one of my favourite artist’s, Sia’s song Helium for the first time while running and couldn’t hold my tears, it hit me so hard in this moment today. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses…

So Honey thank you, kiitos, danksche for all you’ve done for me, I hope I will be able to return the favour some day 💛

I’m trying but I keep falling down
I cry out but nothing comes now
I’m giving my all and I know peace will come
I never wanted to need someone

Yeah, I wanted to play tough, thought I could do all this on my own
But even Superwoman sometimes needed Superman’s soul

Help me out of this hell
Your love lifts me up like helium
Your love lifts me up when I’m down, down, down, when I’ve hit the ground
You’re all I need

And if you let go, I’ll float towards the sun
I’m stronger ’cause you fill me up
But when the fear comes and I drift towards the ground
I am lucky that you’re around

Sia – Helium

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