Vegan Nutrition Coaching

You would like to eat vegan, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to eat more environmentally friendly? Do you dream of a more colorful plate? Or perhaps you already eat vegan but want to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs?

I can help you in these and many other questions about plant-based nutrition

Nutrition coaching is an individual experience tailored to your needs. Food restrictions are usually not a limitation for balanced vegan diet, but please notice that coaching is for people with a normal state of health. If you have wide allergies, serious health concerns or a basic disease, please turn to a doctor.

Vegan Nutrition Coaching

60 minute online coaching session will be personally designed for your needs based on your goals & life situation.

65 € (incl. VAT)

+ nutrition analysis based on 5 days food diary 30€ (incl. printable food diary form for 5 days, macro- and micro-nutrient analysis, improvement recommendations)

Kick-start to Vegan Nutrition

Would you like to eat plant-based, but don’t know where to start? This 3-month coaching is for you!

Based on your current life situation and needs, we’ll plan together how you will achieve your long-term nutritional goals. Coaching includes food diary analysis, weekly online meetings and continuous support when needed. Includes also a cookbook with 15 recipes for easy vegan everyday nutrition.

289€ (incl. VAT)

7-days Vegan Challenge

Are you fascinated by the idea of trying out plant-based diet? But perhaps still a bit unsure whether it is something for you. My 7-days Vegan Challenge coaching is for you!

Tell me what you normally eat, and we’ll plan together how to bring more veggies to your everyday life. Plant-based doesn’t mean difficult!

This coaching includes recipe suggestions and support per email if needed. No online meeting included.

99€ (incl. VAT)

Do good for yourself, animals and the earth

Book your vegan nutrition coaching today!


About me and food

Food has always had a special place in my heart – my dearest childhood memories are about food and food traditions and my dream job as a teenager was to become a professional cake maker. Somehow I ended up becoming a hairdresser, but the thought of food wouldn’t leave me alone. So I got myself a bachelor’s degree in culinary management. Then life took me abroad and I got to make use of my passion as a personal chef for my husband and two children.

In 2017 I started slowly giving up eating meat and turned to a vegetarian for about a year. In January 2018 I joined vegan challenge “Vegaanihaaste” among 10 000 other Finnish people to test whether I could live without cheese and eggs. And then there was really no turning back – even my road to plant-based nutrition hasn’t been one-night miracle or straight-forward process.

Quite quickly I started to become more and more interested of plant-based food and the nutritional value of food in general. I dreamt of making it a profession. I found German distance-learning institution called Ecodemy and was impressed by their offer of Vegan Nutritionist course, that was more comprehensive than others I found. At the same time I knew that we were going to move to Germany next, so this was perfect opportunity to improve my German while studying something super interesting. I graduated in spring 2020, and am now taking a further course on “Vegan nutrition for mom and child”.

I have found how exciting, delicious and nutritious plant-based food can be, and I truly believe it is the food for future. I want to be part of the change of how we think about food and what food is. I want to share my knowledge about vegan nutrition and cooking – how it can be as easy, as yummy and perhaps even better for you than the food we’re used to. I feel better mentally and physically when the food I eat meets the values I have. But most importantly – food for me is about fun, about enjoying life, not about diets or counting calories.

So if you’d like to have this same attitude towards food, don’t hesitate to contact me!